Supplier Levels


 TFS Registered Supplier TFS Registered Supplier Plus TFS Verified Supplier TFS Verified Supplier Plus
 Get listed and be visible to travel advisors registered with TFS. Enjoy the benefits of TFS Registered and receive quote requests and display your product and services. Tell travel advisors you have been verified! Enjoy the benefits of TFS Registered Plus and receive premium ranking with a TFS Verified Badge. Enjoy the benefits of TFS Verified and a highlighted listing and custom-designed profile page to make your company stand out.
Benefits $25 per year $250 per year $500 per year $750 per year
Company Listing    
Display Featured Products
e.g. sample itineraries, promotions, new services
   5 10 15
Receive Requests
From TFS registered travel advisors
Premium Ranking
Be listed above Registered suppliers
TFS Verified Badge
May be used on your website and other collateral
TFS Verified Certificate
Present to consortia and agency groups
Highlighted Listing
Stand out on the TFS results page
Custom Profile Page
Our designers will create a custom page for you