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Supplier Verification

It is the objective of TFS to be the most trusted place for travel advisors to source DMCs and niche operators for their custom tours and FITs.

One of the critical tools we use to achieve this mission is our unique verification process in which we review, verify and analyze a supplier's company information and audited financial records. 

While the TFS verification process is more onerous than most , all suppliers who manage their accounting and client payments responsibly should be able to pass.

The TFS Verified Supplier process begins with the supplier submitting a Verified Supplier Application (see below)


Verified Supplier Benefits

Once a supplier has passed verification, they are awarded a "Verified Supplier" badge and certificate valid for one year from the date of issuance.    In addition to Verified Supplier listing in the TFS supplier directory.

Verified Supplier Badge

Verified Supplier Certificate

Verified Supplier Profile

Verified Supplier Badge

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